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About Andrea

Meet Andrea Taylor….

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Real life Brady Bunch mom, chef, commercial photographer and owner of TaylorMade Market.

TaylorMade Market is now my online recipe journal & food blog.  It’s where I write about the recipes that I create.

I focus on natural, whole foods and ingredients  & getting your kids to eat vegetables without even knowing!!  I will show you how to make a delicious roasted vegetable sauce for pasta or turn frozen bananas into “ice cream” your kids (and your waistline) will love you for.

Or how to give last night’s dinner a creative “leftover makeover” and turn it into a completely new dish.

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During one summer, when I was 12 – My mother  offered me a job.  Looking back now,  I’m sure 20+ years ago, she never realized what a huge impact this job offering would make on my life.  Thank you Mom !!!

Plan/Shop & Cook Lunch & Dinner M-F for $5.00 a day.  (Boy, was she getting a deal) Honestly, I didn’t even care about the $5 daily pay.. I was so excited to know that we would no longer be eating casserole “SURPRISE” for dinner every night.

She gave me a weekly spending budget for food. I had complete freedom in the kitchen.  I loved watching everyone’s face as they savored the healthy meal that I was so proud of.  This eventually led me to become a personal chef, catering events, a chef/instructor position doing on camera food demo’s with a live audience which I absolutely LOVED,  then to open my restaurant (which I truly loved, just not the demanding hours) making great friends along the way but my children were growing up without me.  So I sold it in 2013 and turned TaylorMade Market into my food blog…

Why TaylorMade?  – First, I’m a Taylor.  Second, It was the name of my restaurant and finally, Because you can TaylorMake just about any recipe.   When I was young and mom would make a recipe, if we were missing one ingredient – we couldn’t make it. – WHY?  Because then it wasn’t the same recipe.  I would say to her “Just omit this or let’s add that” – But Mom went by the books and never altered any one single ingredient in any recipe.  I on the other hand was a rebel, I altered everything.  Growing up, I did not like mushrooms (but I do now) – so if a recipe called for them –  they were omitted.  Or if you LOVE mushrooms and the recipe doesn’t call for them – add them – you may be pleasantly surprised at your new creation.   TaylorMake your meals by replacing beef with chicken, broccoli with zucchini, chicken with fish.

My culinary point of view has to be “TaylorMade”.  A recipe is not set in stone – it is only a guideline – Feel free to Taylor-make any of the recipes here to your taste.

 The possibilities are endless & delicious!!!



Most women have a collection of shoes – I have a collection of cookbooks

Most women LOVE to shop – So do I, at the farmers market & grocery store


TaylorMade Market was my Whole Foods Southern Gourmet Cafe in Florida, recently sold in 2013  so I could spend more time with my family & focus on other opportunities..I loved (just about) every moment of it.


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Instagram – Did you make a recipe from my blog? Be sure to tag it #taylormademarket on Instagram so I can see it! Looking forward to seeing all your Taylormade creations!

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