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Have a question about a recipe or what to do with last nights leftovers?  Or just in general?  Ask Andrea

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Below are a list of commonly emailed questions..

Q. Do you really have 6 kids?

A. Yes, We are a blended family.. He has 3 and I have 3.. We are the real life brady bunch.

All the children live with us.. so yes, I have 6 children.. Raising them is the hard part.  You can meet my family HERE

Q. Will you review my product and/or host a giveaway for me?

A.  Invitations and samples are welcome as long as you understand that I do not guarantee a review.  I maintain 100% editorial control of my site.  Email me and let me know what type of product you would like me to review.  I only review a product if I try it myself (AND LIKE IT) and it pertains to my readers.  I generally will only review your product if you offer a giveaway to my readers.

Q. How do you get such great food photos? 

A.  I appreciate you saying that.  Before opening the restaurant, My background was in commercial stock photography. I work with several stock agencies and have photos published all around the world.. It’s a never-ending learning process for me.  Some of my food photos that have been published in major magazines, have been rejected by sites such as tastespotting & food gawker  – Looking back at my first photos (which I will not post for you) Totally embarrassing…I have come a long way but like I said – always learning.  The best advice I could give anyone is Just keep shooting and then shoot some more.. You will only improve.

My photos get shot from everywhere – My studio, my kitchen, my iphone in a must have moment.

For those interested, I shoot with a Canon EOS 5D, and use a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens 90% of the time. I try to use natural light whenever possible – I also have a backup camera I carry with me, a Canon 60D, outfitted with a Canon EF 50mm f1.4 lens.

Q. What is your day job?

A. As the Real Life Brady Bunch Mom, It would be nice to say, I cook all day while Alice takes care of the children and chores but that’s not the case. In fact, I have no Alice. (do you know one?)   Being the Mom-ager is my main 24/7 on call, all the time job.  In between the daily on call emergency request I receive from the kids, school meetings, gymnastics, baseball, band practice, skateboard tournaments and did I mention there are 6 of them.. I work on my food blog and developing new recipes.  Darren and I both work from home (yes, together, all day, every day – In separate offices).  I cook, they eat. AND JUDGE.  I live with some harsh kid critics, my loving hubby loves everything

Q. What do you do when you are not working?

A. I’m always working on something.  I honestly struggle with being able to “shut things off” when it comes to work.    When I am not “working”, I am spending time with my children, cooking at home, watching recorded shows on Food Network or Bravo, thinking about my next recipe, reading some foodie magazine by the pool, songwriting with my husband, Darren and getting unconditional love by our Maltese, Presley, Priscilla, Ramsey and Deen.

Q. How did you meet your husband?

A. Haha.. the short version – we met online – I was holding a picture of a ham and he was tired of eating ramen noodles for dinner.  The longer version – 3 friends recommend he check out a certain dating site online – my mother recommended demanded that I did.  She said “you are not going to meet anybody at the grocery store – make a profile online or I will make one for you”.. (Ever seen the movie, “Because I said so” with Diane Keaton?  THAT IS MY MOTHER)  I agreed to go on a FREE 3 day trial just to keep her quiet.  He contacted me within the 3 day trial and we have been together since.  To this day, I still hear.. “Aren’t you glad you listened to your mother?”

Q. How did your husband propose?

A. I don’t want to make you jealous or raise the bar too high for the guys out there.  He wrote me a proposal song Taylormade for our blended family.  “Will you Marry Us?”  After dinner one night, he pulled out the guitar and said “I wrote you a song”.  I said Yes – We became the Real Life Brady Bunch – We even recorded the song in the studio and made a music video for it.  “Will you Marry Us?” is NOW Available on ITUNES

Q. I thought I read an article stating your family was on National Television.  Is this correct? Is so, what for?

A. Yes, that is correct.  My family and I were featured on the Nate Berkus Show as the Modern Day Brady Bunch.  Same episode that Tony Braxton was on talking about her reality show Braxton Family Values.  The sisters are even MORE GORGEOUS in person.  We were also featured on Fox news for “Tourin with the Taylors” talking about the radio tour the boys did and the possibility of a reality show.  You can see see photos of my family HERE



Q. Tell us about a recipe failure.

A. Ask my husband what his favorite thing is – He will say anything she makes, except pineapple shrimp. I swear I’m never going to live this one down.  It was back in 2008 – I was prepping for dinner and thought I would marinate the shrimp in pineapple. Tropical Pineapple Shrimp dipped in coconut and a chili mango dipping sauce sounded delicious at the time – STOP!!!  Learn from my mistake, Don’t ever do this – I think I even used fresh pineapple I ran through the juicer but I’m not 100% sure as I have tried to forget this food fail experience that my family occasionally reminds me of.  They would describe it as disgusting, mushy, terrible texture in your mouth kind of shrimp – OK..OK. – I get it.. I learned pineapple is one of the only foods with enzymes that can break down other foods.  I’ll never marinate anything with pineapple again.



Past Questions from TaylorMade Market Restaurant Customers

This was a clip from a newspaper article that was written about the restaurant, including customer questions.  Would just like to note.. I hate dislike the photo that was used.  The “photographer” works in the building next door, came in early one morning with no heads up, not even a 2 min warning, no nothing – Just “Hey” and one Snap later – DONE –  Seriously? I didn’t even have makeup on yet!!! – Thanks Steve..

Q.Did you graduate from culinary school?  Are you professionally trained?

A. No.  I have been cooking since age 10.  My mother gave me my first job to cook lunch & dinner for $5 a day.  I didn’t care about the money, I just didn’t want her chicken surprise casserole again.  I am Certified by the National Registry of Food Safety as a food manager and have watched an extensive amount of the Food Network channel in the past.  With 87 things on my daily to do list, thank goodness for DVR recording..

Q. Where do your recipes come from?

A. Some are mine I have created and some are others that I have put my Taylormade twist on them.

Q. What’s the menu today?

A.The “Taylor-Make-your-meal” daily menu is always posted on the website at www.taylormademarket.com or you can stop in the café to see the daily menu.

Q. What’s on the menu tomorrow?

A. I’m sorry I don’t know usually until I’m lying in bed and it just comes to me or I walk in the market in the morning and say this looks gorgeous.. I think I will make ___.  I let the ingredients speak to me.  I honestly cook the food as if you were a guest in my home.

Q. I thought you were a healthy restaurant but you have BBQ bacon cheddar meatloaf on the menu.  Really?

A. So here is the deal.  It’s made with 97% lean ground turkey, caramelized onion, bbq sauce, bacon & cheddar cheese so it’s not as unhealthy as you might think.  We also have dishes such as vanilla croissant bread pudding that is NOT low in fat, but worth every calorie.  In staying healthy, it’s about what you do most of the time.  It’s ok to treat your self every once in a while.  Maybe today you feel like eating a healthy organic salad and another day you just need some comfort food.  We offer both.

Q.What do you do with the leftover produce?

A. We use the market produce in the café daily. .Most people don’t know that the market is my pantry for the café.  The leftover produce that we can’t use or that ripens too quickly always goes to my chickens, alfredo, tetrazzini,  tandoori & biscuit.  Yes they are all named after chicken dishes but these chickens are pets and I’m a vegetarian.

Q.You have too many choices for sides, it’s overwhelming..

A. We usually have appx 7-10 choices for sides on the TMM daily special.. Ranging from asparagus with aioli, marinated olives, roasted vegetables to fresh fruit, apple crisp or fruit cobbler.  Not to mention we try to accommodate all types of diets. Some vegetarian, vegan, low carb & gluten free options available.

Q. Are you open on the weekends?

A. Only for private parties & cooking lessons

Q. I see you offer kids cooking classes.. Will you have adult ones as well?

A.Yes.  We try to schedule at least one Saturday a month.

Q.What’s the basket program?  Is the basket program ready?  How do I sign up?  Is everything in the basket organic?

A. Some things are just about impossible to find made organic.  Some is far to expensive to offer customers a reasonable price.  Some things are ALWAYS organic.. Carrots, celery, spring mix, romaine, spinach, etc.. We always have new this week organic produce. One week it might be avocados, grapefruits & lemons, next week organic kale, organic collards, organic rainbow chard & organic pears.  You can sign up at www.taylormademarket.com , click on “basket” and print out the sign up form.

Q. What do you do with the leftover food?

A. I have six children remember.  We also like to give back to the community.  We are grateful for our service workers such as the bartow police department, polk county sheriffs office and the fire fighters.  We appreciate theses officers and what they do for our community. We have gladly taken them dinner. Whatever else is leftover, goes to my chickens – I do not like to “waste” food.

Q. I purchased an avocado and it was bad..

A. Please come back and we will replace it.  Produce goes bad sometimes beyond our control but we will happily make it right.

Q. I brought my 5 year old in who always wants pb&j. She ended up eating more of my meal than me. Do you have a kids menu?

A. As a food lover, I have always encouraged my children to try new things. My rule, if you don’t like it you don’t have to eat it.. But how do you know you don’t like it until you try it?  When all else fails, yes we will do a peanut butter & jelly or grilled cheese.  Just ask.. Now we don’t have kraft singles but we can do a cheddar & mozzarella cheese blend.  And if you’re an adult picky eater or on a strict diet, we will do all we can to accommodate your needs. If you just want chicken breast with mayo on bread we can do that.  Some other things are not as easy.  Can I have chicken salad with no scallions?  Chicken salad is made fresh early in the morning, making one from scratch would have you waiting far too long as we roast the chicken breast specifically for that dish.

Q. I have never had parsnips until I ate at your café.  They are delicious…

A. Thank you… I love being able to Introduce people to new foods..

Q. I love the chicken quiche but it has a sweet taste. What makes it that way?

A. I could say its the caramelized onion but Here is the real truth. When I was 17 My mom asked me to make “her quiche” for a luncheon.  She gave Me the recipe over the phone. Now, She said pie crust. She never said which kind. So I picked shortbread since graham cracker didn’t sound appealing with chicken.  She took one bite and was briefly upset that I had messed up her recipe. Took another bite and said I love it. We have been making it that way ever since.

Q. I had the most delicious dish last week  on the TaylorMade Meal lunch special, but when I came in the next week you didn’t have it.

A. Our TaylorMade Menu Changes daily. You are always guaranteed to see something new.  We always have our standard café menu that stays the same.. but the specials change daily.

Q. Tell us Something we don’t know about TaylorMade Market.

A. The Kitchen in the restaurant is super small. The “market” is my pantry.  I do all of the cooking off of 1 induction burner.  Yes one. Of course I have a small commercial convention oven and a sandwich press but everything else is off  of 1 portable burner. Perfect for a boat a camper a hotel room or you can even run a cafe off of one. Lol.

Q.You have pictures of food in the seating area. Are those dishes you make or just photo art?

A. Yes some of them are dishes I make in the cafe. I was a commercial photograph before TaylorMade Market. Yes, quite a career change. But I still love my photos as you can tell from this blog post


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