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Food and Braces – Thank you Metz Orthodontics

The twins just got their braces by the fantastic Dr. John Metz located in Land O Lakes, FL.  The office is beautiful,View full post »

How to open a coconut

How to open a coconut? First, grab a willing child and a machete or an axe… My nephew Bradley, thinks he is Tom SawyerView full post »

Roasted Garlic, Roasting Peppers & Caramelizing Onion – How to? (The easy way)

My TaylorMade Time saving Tips On a majority of my recipes you will notice “caramelized onion”,View full post »

Microgreens – How to grow your own micro greens?

Look at these GORGEOUS Microgreens!!!   It might be a Teeny Tiny plant but it is bursting with nutrients!!! HOW TO GROWView full post »