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Food and Braces – Thank you Metz Orthodontics

The twins just got their braces by the fantastic Dr. John Metz located in Land O Lakes, FL.  The office is beautiful, the staff is fantastic and the Doctor is incredible.

I thought it would be great to do a post on the foods you shouldn’t eat with braces and share our experience.

Alanna & Jenna have begged for braces for the past 3 years as if it were a Christmas gift.  We made an appointment with an orthodontist but their baby teeth hadn’t all come out and the Doctors we talked to said they just weren’t ready.  So 3 years later, it’s finally time.  The girls were super excited about getting their new braces and then, the morning of the appointment, their brother teased told them how bad it was going to hurt when they put the braces on…. FYI – this brother has never even had braces…

Ready to walk out the door with both twins, now scared it’s going to hurt and bummed they can no longer eat anything sticky, chewy, hard or even one of their favorites, popcorn, we head to the orthodontist.

Foods to Avoid:  Sticky Foods (candies, caramels, gum) Hard Foods (bagels, pizza crust, biscotti cookies, nuts, ice)

foods braces 1

Avoid foods you  have to bite such as apples, carrots, corn on the cob ribs or chicken wings.  Jenna LOVES carrots so she was bummed when she first read this. But, Carrots are fine if they are shredded or steamed.  Same way apples are fine if they are cut into pieces.  Chicken wings & ribs are fine if they are pulled off the bone first…

food braces 2

 Foods to Limit: Sugary (cake, cookies, ice cream, soda & sweet tea limited to once a day)

What can you eat?  Just about anything else.

The first two days after getting braces, the girls were a tiny bit sore and being big drama queens.  They only ate foods they didn’t have to chew such as ice cream, smoothies, popsicles, yogurt & soup.  After day 3 they returned back to normal foods.

foods to eat

Here’s  a few “softer” food recipes from TaylorMade Market.

Peach & Yogurt Popsicles

Roasted Sweet Potato & coconut Stew

Curried Carrot Salad

Healthy Reeses Inspired Ice Cream (3 ingredients)

Santa Fe Quesadilla’s

Roasted Vegetable Fritatta

Tomato Davinci – A.K.A tomato bread salad

Now onto the amazing Orthodontist…..

I love the office for MANY reasons…You feel welcomed as soon as you enter.. There’s tons of magazines to read while you wait and the kids can make themselves comfy in the video game area.  I should note.. You Hardly “wait” in the beautiful waiting area for long.. yet another thing I LOVE about Metz Orthodontics.

metz ortho interior front

On top of service, Dr. Metz embraces some of the latest orthodontic trends & technology.    The patient area also has a nice view of the lake.

Metzortho interior office back

Jenna gets to go first –

Jenna: Is it going to hurt?

Staff: It’s just like painting a fingernail except it’s your tooth..

After a quick pep talk assurance from the amazing staff, the girls were ready to go.

Jenna before braces ortho

I love how Alanna is watching her sister in the background wondering what to expect…

jenna getting braces

and then Alanna’s turn.  One down, one to go…

Alanna before ortho

Dr. Metz treats each patient as if they were his only one.

Alanna getting braces

almost done…

alanna during braces

Jenna’s Braces Done..

jenna after braces

and Alanna’s Braces Done… 100% Pain-Free

Alanna Braces

The girls received a travel bag filled with goodies to keep their teeth clean and healthy.  Then one last quick chat from Dr. Metz before we left.

metz ortho branding bar

With 6 children, we have met our fair share of orthodontists over the past 15 years.  Metz Orthodontics is by far, the best!!!

You feel the staff has a relationship with you after only a few visits.

If you are considering braces, please give them a call.  You will be happy you did.

The consultation is FREE and they also offer patient financing for services.

METZ ORTHODONTICS – 813-948-6389

Thank you Dr. Metz and staff for your outstanding work and allowing us to capture this memorable moment.

metz business card

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  • Mary P. - March 5, 2014 - 8:27 pm

    Does he work on adults too? I am looking for a really good orthodontist.ReplyCancel

    • Andrea Taylor - March 6, 2014 - 3:13 pm

      Hi Mary,
      YES! Dr. Metz is the BEST! Give them a call 813-948-6389

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