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How to open a coconut

How to open a coconut?

First, grab a willing child and a machete or an axe… My nephew Bradley, thinks he is Tom Sawyer or something.. He is 12, watches that survivor in the wild guy on T.V., the one with no food, eating beetles under a rock by the creek television show.. He wants to be that guy.. Seriously, he does..

The kids found at least a dozen coconuts that they brought back and cracked opened.  Then brought 24+ halved coconuts for me to shell..   Once you crack 2 or 3 of them, you get the hang of it…. FAST.

Back to showing you the proper way.

After you have the coconut open, all you need is a butter knife and a bowl of clean water.  I just wedged the knife in between the inner dark shell and the coconut meat, ran it around the edges and pieces would pop out.  Then, I would toss them in the bowl of water to remove any of that hairy husk that gets on them while trying to remove.  We ate it raw, made fresh coconut milk and then used the leftover grated coconut from making the milk to makeover into YUMMY coconut almond & date balls.  We all loved them.   I will be making these again with 2 versions;  The one we made and the other one skinny dipped in chocolate.  Hello healthy almond joy..

 I found a few post online that show you how to open a coconut with much more accuracy and in a more civilized fashion than we did on the island.

How to stylishly open a coconut for a cocktail..  Step by Step Instructions



But this way might be my absolute favorite way if you don’t have the kids around.

Leanne at Healthful Pursuit shows you how to open one with a garbage bag & a towel.. NO hammer needed.. Doubles as a therapeutic tension reliever





Good Luck Coconut

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