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How to start a food blog?

How to start a food blog – come on, get your hands in the cookie jar… unless you’re chicken..


  1. Website Domain Name AND Web hosting
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. TaylorMake your blog – Beef it up

1 ) Website Domain Name AND Web hosting

What do you really want your domain name to be?  This is a Berry Important step… Mine is


You can Check here to see if the domain name you choose is available….

You should cook up plenty of different domain names. Once you have stewed on some egg-cellent ideas, settle on one, this is the hardest nut to crack..  Next, choose your hosting . It a curd to me,  A number of bloggers I know, are fond of using Bluehost which happens to brie fantastic , I personally use Dreamhost for my blog. You’ll also knead to host your domain name . Think of hosting as leasing space on the internet to show off your blog . Bluehost provides you with your web site domain name absolutely free should you host with their company . Dreamhost offers unlimited bandwidth & disk space.  Lettuce notice, BOTH companies offer: The Domain Whois Privacy which hides your personal address and phone number from being displayed to the public . 


Once you’ve registered with either Bluehost or Dreamhost you’ll knead to install a blogging software. To put it in a nut shell, WordPress is easy to use, FREE and the #1 choice for bloggers

3) TaylorMake your blog – make it sizzle

Welcome to the food blog world! You’re minutes away getting to Taco’ bout your favorite recipes and have a gouda time.. Before you head off in a curry into the kitchen there are a few things you can (and should) do to make your blog beautiful.

Pickle your theme…

WordPress has tons of free WordPress themes to pick from. You can scan through the options here.  The only Nice way of pudding it – Don’t be medi-okra look for a premium theme, check out these sugar sweet options.

The Thesis Theme

Elegant Themes

Again, these are the themes that a majority of bloggers use  & recommend.  I personally use ProPhoto Template for my TaylorMade Market food blog.  Since I used the template previously with my photography site, it happens to be my cup of tea. If you choose to go with ProPhoto, here is a $10 off code to use: ATAY9046

ProPhoto also offers a $30 rebate if you use Bluehost but they donut require.  Remember, I use Dreamhost.

Install your theme and youll brie All souped up and bready to start TaylorMaking your Food Blog.

This is going to be your gravy so Take the thyme to spice it up, put some seasoning in it – Do your research to make a lot of dough and bring home the bacon.

Espresso yourself, March to the beet of your own drumstick.

Let me boil it down for you…..

There will be lumps in the batter along the way and things that make you say Holy Crepe – but don’t walk on eggshells, Go against the grain, roll with the punches and rise to any occasion.  Some days you make think, why do I even carrot all?  I have been working on this all day and olive the night.  squash this, my brain is fried. I will never get this blog caramelized to perfection.

Bologna, stop all that sour thinking.  Listen up Hot-Tea

Bean there, done that. The more you blog , the butter you become. I promise you will meat some grape people along the way and you never know what other opportunities just might turnip.

I yam hoping, you will Send me a quick message on Facebook , on my contact page or send me an email: andrea@taylormademarket.com to let me know when you get your blog up and running. I cannoli imagine the great things you will come up with. I’d love to stop by and check out your new blog and become pesto friends!

If you are glazed and confused, be sure to check out my resources for food bloggers page and I’ll tell you rye. It is a pearidise page for bloggers,  Jam-packed with information all in one place,  a grape way to kill two birds with one scone.  It is peas-ful easy reading that will make you feel a whole lot cheddar.

Mustard up the strength to start…

Don’t waste any more thyme…

Here is a toast to you & your new blog..

My Food Blogging in 3 steps has been cheesy & corny any way you slice it.   Orange you glad its over?

Don’t wine, I won’t milk this anymore.


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