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Pirate Party Theme


I always let my children pick the theme for their birthday parties.  My son picked a pirate theme.  So like always, I made water bottle labels with a pirate theme for his guest & partly for decor.  We had loads of fun with a TaylorMade treasure hunt at the end.

pirate party invitation framed generic

And as always the candy wrappers.. I just love these for parties.. They are great for decorating and by the end of the party guest are grabbing the remaining candies to take with their goodie bag

pirate collage

and yes, Pirates eat Pizza and gummy worms these days…

pirate party framed


We had a treasure hunt for the kids.  Below is a copy of the clues I made up..  Feel free to use these and TaylorMake it if you have a swimming pool or fireplace, etc..

If you’re reading this you’re on the path
To findin’ me hidden treasure at last
Red & Shiny Delicious to eat,
I made snow white fall fast asleep

Shiver me timbers, stick to the sword
Walk the plank ___ paces forward
If you want my treasure, dues must be paid.
Pirates of the Carribean is my movie
your next clue is where dvd’s are played
Here’s clue number 3 – go climb the stairs
Walk down a long hall, that is, if you dare,
You’ll find a guitar that moves when you sit
You’ll find clue number four when you sit down in it.
You’ve found clue number four, you’re proving quite clever
But you’ll need clue five if you’re looking for treasure
It will be cold on board as the waves take us higher
You will want to warm yourself with burning fire
It’s yours for the taking, no doubt about that
But to find it you’ll be needing my pirate treasure map.
Some people think pirates are mean.. You fill this with water..
it’s where Captain Daniel gets clean
 arrr.. you found a piece of my gold, Yer gettin near
to taking all my treasure I fear
Now hurry outside.. The ships gonna sail
This is where the letters arrive.. Check the ____?
 If you want me treasure then take this money
And buy the last clue from the lady with the bunny
Here’s the last clue –
The treasure is buried under my boat
and snacks to eat
Find the BIGGEST treasure map around..
Look really close, check by your feet…



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