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Ice cream for Breakfast???

 Ice cream for Breakfast?!?!  SURE, when it’s just frozen bananas and fruit….

pineapple coconut ice cream top

This machine is going to change the way you think about fruit FOREVER… I don’t know HOW they do it, but YONANAS makes frozen fruit taste just like velvety soft serve ice cream.

Your kids are going to love YONANAS and LOVE YOU!!!  It honestly makes me feel so good as a mom knowing they are eating healthy and truly enjoying it..  I really cannot express how much I love this machine and just for the record, I was not paid for this blog post review.  If you like Ice Cream you are going to absolutely LOVE  YONANAS!

pina ice cream closeup

Such a Great way to boost your fruit intake and never throw out bananas again.  That’s right, no more boring banana bread because you didn’t eat them fast enough.

The Yonanas dessert maker works with all types of frozen fruit.  If ice cream is your weakness food, I would highly suggest getting one of these.  Your waistline will Thank you!

Yonanas desser maker

I have made “nice cream” many times before.. Here is a reese inspired version but I used a food processor.  It takes more time and a LOT more patience to make it with the food processor method..   Now that I have discovered the Yonanas machine, I will never go back to the old way.

SOOOOO SIMPLE and your kids will LOVE using this machine…

yonanas freeze yo enjoy

We have had so much fun experimenting with Yonanas – Everyone in our house likes different things so we tried lots of variations…

raspberry kiwi sorbet pinterest  My daughter, Alanna is an anti-banana person… Absolutely will reject a banana in any form.. smoothie, banana bread, doesn’t matter. She doesn’t like them.. So for her version we used other fruits.. She really liked the raspberries and kiwi.

kiwi raspberries and sorbet

We also made a JUST Berries version and it was fantastic as well…You can use either a package of frozen fruit or fresh fruit that you freeze.

bowl of berries pic

Guilt-FREE Goodness…

raspberry sorbet

Now her twin sister Jenna likes bananas… But she also LOVES berries.  So I mixed the bananas and berries together resulting in a “Berries and Cream” ice cream.. Oh it was heavenly… It didn’t taste like “Banana Berry” Ice Cream but adding the banana with the berries gave it  a SMOOTH & CREAMY texture to the Berry Flavor. I was begging anti-banana Alanna to try just one teeny tiny bite.. on the verge of bribing her just to taste it..  She hesitantly tried a micro bite and I could tell immediately that she loved it…..  She won’t eat just plain Banana.. But as long as it is mixed with another fruit.. She is down..  The Banana adds an amazingly creamy texture to the fruit.  If you aren’t a fan of Bananas like Alanna, try this method..

Moving along to Pina colada Yonanas Ice cream

yonanas machine ice pineapple

Start with Pineapple (frozen) and alternate the other ingredients..

frozen pineapple

Pineapple+Bananas+coconut milk ice cubes=

pineapple coconut ice cream top

You cannot pour liquid into the machine.. It must be in a frozen state so I poured the coconut milk into an ice cube tray and put them in the freezer.

***Ever wonder what to do with that last little bit of coconut milk in the can?  Is it even worth saving because you know you’ll probably forget to use it in the next 2 days?  Turn it into coconut milk ice cubes and they will last forever… well almost.

ice cubes coconut vertical

This is seriously a life changer in our house..  The boys have switched from Popcorn Movie nights to Yonanas Movie night.. and our youngest son Daniel, likes to cool off after school with his own Yonanas version

pina ice cream

and this is what you end up with..

yonanas ice cream

 so delicious…

peanut butter cacoa bananas

I have a thing for Peanut butter and Chocolate…Have you ever had warm melted peanut butter over cold ice cream???? Ohhhh you really should.. It’s fantastic..

bananas cocoa powder

I used cocao powder which is an unrefined cocoa powder.  Navitas Naturals – The SuperFood Company is my FAVORITE Brand for all Superfoods.

Right now you can receive 15% OFF All Navitas Naturals Products. Discount applies at checkout. Shop Now

Cocao vs Cocoa powder. You can use either one, the cocao is just healthier.

 So here is the trick to making “chocolate” yonanas ice cream – roll the frozen bananas in cocao powder or cocoa powder first… Then feed through the yonanas machine.

banana cocoa roll

Viola… Chocolate Yonanas Ice Cream

chocolate yonanas ice cream TMM

oh and if you have left over cocao powder like I did.. You can turn it into a healthy chocolate syrup to top your yonanas ice cream.  Mix leftover cocao powder with 1 -2 tbsp of agave or maple syrup until it mixes together.  As you see in pic #4 it gets hard and seizes up.. at this point you could add more liquid sweetner OR another form of liquid.. I.E. Almond Milk, Coconut milk or even water….

cacoa powder syrup

Just a teaspoon of additional liquid at a time until you end up with a silky smooth syrup texture.

chocolate sauce drizzle

We took a scoop of chocolate yonanas ice cream topped with warm peanut butter and chocolate syrup.  Then top that with another scoop of chocolate yonanas ice cream, finish with peanut butter & chocolate drizzle..

chocolate peanut butter repeat

 The Yonanas machine is great for ALL types of diets.. Vegetarian, vegan, raw food, gluten free, etc.

I will be upgrading to the Elite model since we are using it so much and I already want another one for our cabin.

yonanas elite machine

Want to see the machine in action???  Click Below..

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