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Superfood Salad with Caramelized onions

Superfood Salad with Caramelized onions..

I have been on a total salad kick lately.. Spring Mix salads, spinach salads, microgreen salads and now this chopped romaine salad.  Salads are super easy to fix and are completely customizable.

Have you ever had caramelized onion in a salad?  Just let me tell you, It is FABULOUS!!!! and my new favorite thing.

For this particular salad, I added raw organic sunflower seeds, organic pumpkin seeds & organic hemp seeds for added texture and protein.  Super snaps for freshness, Avocado for some healthy fat and sundried tomatoes in oil just because I love them.

I always have caramelized onion on hand and it saves me so much time in the kitchen.  You can read about it HERE: Caramelized Onion the easy way

All you have to do is chop some organic romaine lettuce, chop an avocado, & dice sundried tomato, add it to the bowl along with some sugar snaps, caramelized onion, a handful of sunflower seedshemp seeds and pumpkin seeds, sprinkle with sea salt & the juice of a lemon and toss them together.

This salad is so tasty it doesn’t even really need a dressing.  But if you love dressing, honey mustard or balsamic vinaigrette would be delicious.

 Feel free to TaylorMake your own version adding ingredients you love.

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