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2 ingredient pumpkin brownies

While this doesn’t taste like pumpkin at all…. It uses pumpkin to replace the eggs & oil which creates a much healthier brownie.  So for all you pumpkin haters.(I have one of them in my house).. You can’t even taste the pumpkin.. You only taste a rich, fudgey, chewy chocolate brownie that you can feel good about eating..

2 ingredient brownies stacked

 Super EASY recipe.  Only 2 ingredients.. NO added eggs or oil!!   So easy the kids can do it..

2 ingredient pumpkin brownies vertical

Just mix 1 can of pumpkin (Ingredients: 100% pumpkin) and 1 Box of your favorite brownie mix..

2 ingredient brownie mix

It takes a few minutes for it all to come together into a nice smooth batter.. but it will, I promise.. see those lumps?? it’s actually chocolate chips that were in the brownie mix..

2 ingredient brownies

Bake according to the package directions and….. Viola!

2 ingredient brownies stack vertical

super easy.. 2 ingredient.. Chewy Fudge Brownies

2 ingredient pumpkin brownies


2 ingredient brownie board

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