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Leftover Makeover 5 Min Pasta Dinner and Brunch

 5 minute pasta dinner.  This post took me longer to write than it will take you to make this dinner.

I am still full from the amazing brunch this morning with my super sweet husband.  My kids are still hungry and I really don’t feel like cooking a meal from scratch.  I looked in the refrigerator to see some really pathetic looking pasta & chicken takeout my husband had from the night before. (I will not say which overcharged local restaurant it came from)

 added some veggies and Ta-daa Dinner is Done – Leftover Makeover Style

Someone else is doing the dishes.

 I Love this because you can TaylorMake it anyway you like.  If  your husband loves mushrooms but hates zucchini then use those ingredients. If your child likes peas, add them.  If you despise goat cheese, use another – or go vegan and use none at all.  Any grilled, roasted, sautéed or steamed vegetables would be great to add to this dish.

I added zucchini, since it’s a never ending supply around here lately, threw in some sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs & added goat cheese.  I’m not posting a “recipe” for this because you could make it 2,798 different ways.  Just First sauté your veggies for a few minutes in olive oil until soft, add your pasta and herbs or seasonings and top with the cheese (or not)

Speaking of different ways – The above Zucchini has become ratatouille, raw zucchini spaghetti, ricotta & roasted vegetable stuffed zucchini boats, zucchini bread & more.. So this was one veggie going into the pasta dish.

Great way to clean out the refrigerator as well – Super simple 5 min Dinner.

About that Brunch.. Had a wonderful brunch this weekend at a restaurant overlooking the water.  Watching the dolphins, sipping mimosas and eating some really great food. Great way to end the weekend with my hubby.

From Cheese Blintzes to sushi and Pork Chops with Gorgonzola to Blueberry Stuffed French Toast – So many tasty dishes – and I am a food snob

My husband ordered a smoked gouda, pancetta & sundried tomato omelet.  Yummy!

I had seared ahi & seaweed salad

He had Pepita (pumpkin seeds) Encrusted Chicken with Polenta Fries – I personally would have crushed the pepitas instead of encrusting the chicken with whole seeds, but I didn’t care since it was his meal and I don’t eat “meat” – I did enjoy his polenta fries .

and for dessert, the most amazing creme brûlée with vanilla bean specks running through the rich custard and a pina colada bread pudding, so good!  No picture, it was eaten too fast.  I did manage to get a snapshot of the super dense and decadent, rich oreo mouse that was piped into a chocolate shell, topped with fresh whipped cream and half of an oreo.  Y-U-M!!!

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