Blurb TaylorMade Cookbook & Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul Book – Customized & 25% off

I love Blurb.  You can make a gorgeous customized “TaylorMade” cookbook and Right now they are offering a 25% off discount. It’s deliciously easy to make a cookbook with Blurb.

Create a family cookbook, whip up a fundraising cookbook, or simply show off your own recipes in a beautiful book or ebook.

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Making a cookbook with Blurb is almost as easy as boiling water

Get your best recipes – from family favorites to signature dishes – off those file cards and into a bookstore-quality book. Blurb cookbooks are:

  • Simple to make – Just download Blurb BookSmart, our free book making software, and you’re on your way
  • Customizable – Drop your recipes into one of our cookbook layouts or push the creative edge and make your own layout featuring your illustrations, backgrounds, and photos
  • High quality – Our books feature professional bindings and your choice of paper and cover options – or feature your recipes in a beautiful ebook
  • Fast and affordable – Place your order and have your cookbook in about a week and receive a discount on volume orders
  • Designed to share – Get the word out on Twitter and Facebook with a link to a digital preview of your cookbook
  • Easy to sell – Whip up some profits with your cookbook: Set your own price in our online bookstore, sell your book, and keep 100% of your profit.

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Surprise!! Here Is A Discount Code Valid Until 11/21/13!

 Save 25% when you spend $50 or more on print books with code: SAVING

Blurb has something else that’s really cool..

Blurb’s Chicken Soup for the Soul Book

Blurb’s Chicken Soup For Your Soul!
It can be really hard buying books for people as gifts. After all, you never know just which books they already have. And then when you do find the right book and give it to them, how do you make it really personal? Put in a book plate? Write an inscription? How do you make the whole thing totally them?

These personalized “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books are one really great way to do it. Not only do you get to choose from five different story themes (from “Christmas Stories” to “Giving thanks”), you can personalize it in ways you just can’t with a conventional book. As the title suggests, these are stories meant to comfort and heal.

Blurb chicken noodle

Your custom “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book will truly be a TaylorMade book for them because the book is printed with their name on the cover, as the recipient. And it’s truly from you because your name is printed on the cover as the giver. You can even include an inscription inside the book and on the back cover. Even add a photo to the back.

There are other nice options to choose from, like the type of cover you’d like and the type of paper. It takes just about five minutes to make it a truly custom book. And chances are, it’s something they’ll love forever. And a 60-page book starts at just $24.95.

There’s a quick video here: Chicken Soup for the Soul that shows you how to fill in all the info using a simple online tool. The books are all done by Blurb, so you know the quality is going to be great.

Get started here: Blurb’s Chicken Soup for the Soul Book

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