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Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies – TaylorMade Style – Homemade or Not


You know how most grocery stores give kids a free cookie in the bakery?  Well I wanted to do that in the Bakery at TaylorMade Market.  Since my bakery cookies were bigger than the childs head and I wanted to do something different & unique,  We gave the kids chocolate covered fortune cookies.. They LOVED them.  It was so cute watching children open it to see the fortune inside.  Some had never even seen a fortune cookie before.

shot of chocolate covered fortune cookies
I had this idea from making these sweet treats for my twins Birthday Party one year.   I have had more than a few requests for the Fortune Cookies from the Dessert Table.  Everyone went crazy for them! Along with the Oreo Truffles & Red Velvet Bon Bons.
Frankly anything with Chocolate was a success.  Doesn’t Chocolate make everything better?
best things chocolate

sweet dream chocolate small

You know how much I love recipes that can be TaylorMade!!!!  So here you go.
Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies


  • Pre-Packaged Fortune Cookies
  • Chocolate, Candy Coating or Chocolate Chips
  • Sprinkles or whatever you are decorating with


  1. Unwrap all of your cookies if you need to. In small heat-proof bowls, melt some of the candy coating chips or chocolate according to package instructions. You can add solid vegetable shortening if it is still too thick when melted. Do NOT overheat.
  2. Dip bottom half of fortune cookie in the melted coating.
  3. Place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and place sprinkles on the cookie while coating is still wet. Continue to dip the rest of the fortune cookies in desired colors.
  4. Allow to harden at room temperature
You can buy the fortune cookies or you can be daring and make your own – Kelly @ Just a Taste has a fantastic post & recipe for homemade fortune cookies.  I personally had too many other recipes & projects to home make mine for the party so I opted for the store bought.
Let your imagination run wild.  You could use White Bark with food coloring or Different colored candy coating chips (found at baking supply stores or at Michaels, etc) or any kind of chocolate appropriate for dipping, chocolate chips, etc.
Now, here is a SUPER COOL trick.. Even if you opt out on the homemade fortune cookies – You can still put your own individually crafted fortune cookies messages inside store bought fortune cookies without breaking them.  How?  I thought you’d never ask…  Check out how here at Intimate Weddings
I decorated mine for a kids party, but I LOVE the look of these.  Gorgeous.  Check out how Christina @ Intimate Weddings really made these look elegant .

PHOTO: Intimate Weddings

How to add custom message to a store bought fortune cookie?
*** Don’t throw out the leftover melted chocolate – no. no.  Turn it into Chocolate Bark, TaylorMade Style.  Melt the leftover chocolate in the microwave until it’s liquid like again – Stir in the “add in’s” or not and pour onto a sheet pan that you have lined with parchment or wax paper.  Allow to cool and harden.Then break into pieces. Do NOT put in the refrigerator to cool, this will cause the chocolate to “sweat” when it is plated.
What do you have on hand you can stir in?  You could use almonds, pistachios, any nut, dried fruit, coconut, candy pieces, etc.
  chocolate bark on top

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