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Green Juice – Kale, apple, lemon, lime, ginger

Good Morning, Green Juice!

Sometimes you just need to give your body a break and this juice is the perfect “pick me up” drink!

It’s best to drink your fresh juice right away but f you leave it on the counter It’s completely normal for the juice to separate. Just stir before drinking if this happens.

There are many health benefits of drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.  Juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables.  It also allows you to consume a HUGE amount of vegetables with a quick glass of juice.

Here is what I used for this one..

Superfood Juice Recipe

Yes I use both Lemon & Lime in this.. It’s 2 different flavors.  I personally love lime in fresh juices. It gives a yummy zing. They are acidic but when you eat them, they turn alkaline.   Lemons & limes are amazing at eliminating the bitter taste of the dark, deep green leafy vegetables that provide most of the benefits of juicing.

If you haven’t juiced ginger, then start slowly.  It has a very hot & spicy taste but is INCREDIBLY good for you.

Fresh ginger juice burns a little, kind of like taking a shot of liquor without the alcohol taste.  The burn is a good thing… If you find this drink to strong for you.. ADD Cucumber, Celery and/or Romaine Hearts.. This will dilute the spiciness of the ginger

I add apple for some sweetness and it’s perfect for me.  But there is never a set in stone recipe – especially in juicing, so experiment and see what works for you.

Did you know?? Kale Packs more iron per calorie than beef, more calcium per calorie than milk and ten times more vitamin C than spinach!  Remember that next time someone ask a vegetarian “how do you get your protein?”

and to all you pregnant ladies out there….Morning Sickness Cure is here.. Lemon & Ginger are a natural, fast acting remedy to ease nausea.

*Ginger Juice is great for relieving monthly cramps too!!!!

I do not peel my lemon or lime.. I know some might disagree but thats just how I roll.  TONS of vitamins, nutrients & flavor are in the peel.. Why would you waste time peeling it?

*Use pesticide free fruits & vegetables (organic) and WASH before Juicing.

Drink your Juice right away or store in a glass jar with an airtight lid and fill it to the very top. There should be a minimum amount of air in the jar as the oxygen will “oxidize” and damage the juice.

Green Juice – Kale, apple, lemon, lime, ginger


  • 3-5 kale leaves with stalk
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 1 red apple
  • 2 granny smith apples


  • Juice or blend all ingredients together.
  • If blending, strain the mixture with cheesecloth.
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